November 17, 18 @online

About Tech-Verse

Tech-Verse 2022 is an online technical conference which will be held as a joint project between LINE and Yahoo! JAPAN on November 17th and 18th. A diverse array of members from the two host companies and other participating organizations will share their cutting-edge challenges and accumulated knowledge.
Sessions of
8 Companies

In addition to LINE and Yahoo! JAPAN, selected personnel from six companies within the group will present at the event, discussing their expertise and opinions.


All sessions will be broadcast live. Feel free to join in, wherever you are.

Listen in
3 languages

Interpretation will be provided for three languages for all sessions: Japanese, English, and Korean.


Following each presentation, a Q&A session will be held to delve deeper into the contents of the topics discussed.

Pick up session

Pickup Session

Day1 Sessions

Day 1


  • Data / AI
  • Blockchain
  • Infrastructure
  • Security

Day2 Sessions

Day 2


  • Server Side
  • Mobile App
  • Web Front-end
  • UX / Design
  • Process & Environment